OER development within a UDL landscape

Donald Moses and Meghan Landry discuss the reflection currently undertaken by the UPEI Library about the relevance of OER in a UDL landscape:

The Robertson Library at the University of Prince Edward Island is in the process of creating an online guide for faculty, staff and students on Open Educational Resources that will be showcased at the UDL Conference. Based off the Alberta OER Toolkit, we have created several headings, including textbooks, journals, course materials, repositories, open data, images, videos and Creative Commons licenses. Our mission is to compile all the necessary information and resources in a “one-stop-shop” for users to simplify the transition to using OER in the classroom.

However, the bigger picture is not the availability of resources–there are plenty–but the process of implementation and convincing important stakeholders of the adoption. These stakeholders include senior leadership and administration, faculty, instructional designers, librarians (potentially), and of course, students. Librarians have adapted to this change and our role in recent years has been evolving. In order to keep abreast of change, and to deal with continual budget cuts, the OER route has been a necessary and practical one. Educating users on the fundamentals of OER–reuse and repurpose–is also an important role we have undertaken at the Robertson Library.

Our presentation will touch upon how you, as a stakeholder, can overcome barriers to change and become involved in OER, within an UDL landscape, and more broadly the Open Education movement. Change and adoption can happen at any level.


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