Redesign or Accommodation?”: An Experiential & Interactive UDL-based Activity

Sue Doner & Jen LeVecque discuss the intentions and format of their Friday workshop

Background: In 2015, I worked with BCcampus and CAPER-BC to develop the BC Open Textbook Accessibility Toolkit []. The Toolkit is a resource designed to help contributors to the BC Open Textbook project ensure that the textbooks they develop are accessible to the students who will be using them. In the Toolkit, we used Personas to help textbook authors keep a diverse population of students and their various abilities in mind. We also used these personas to introduce contributors to different types of hardware and software that students typically use.

“Redesign or Accommodation?” is an experiential activity that is grounded in the student-centeredness of UDL and incorporates the humanizing-element of student Personas that were part of the Accessibility Toolkit. Each participant in the activity adopts a Persona and advocates from that student’s perspective when presented with a Scenario that is based on common or recurring components of course delivery. In facilitated discussions, participants identify any potential barriers that the Scenario presents for their Persona-selves, consider what accommodations to address the barrier would look like—and if their Persona would even qualify, and then determine if the barrier/s could be avoided entirely by applying a UDL-based “redesign” to the course components in question.

“Redesign or Accommodation?” is an activity designed to help educators consider UDL-based practices without overwhelming participants with a deep dive into UDL principles. It’s an activity that can support:
– those of you who are already UDL evangelists and are looking for new tools to add to your own UDL toolkit;
– those of you who are newer to the UDL framework and practices and are looking for more ideas about the practical applications of UDL in teaching & learning; and
– those who “don’t know what they don’t know” yet about UDL.

We’d love to see you at our Friday session!

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